Devel New Technology™ Sabot/Bullets for muzzle-loading rifles are totally new in two respects:

  1. The completely lead free copper/tin composite material from which the bullets are made is stronger and lighter than lead core copper jacketed projectiles; and,
  2. The patented Radially Dynamic™ bullet design achieves target incapacitation based upon a completely different principle of dynamic force as compared to expanding bullets.
The sharp edges at the frontal extremity of the Devel bullet (fin ogive and tip), upon impact with game, cause deep lacerations.  The fluted curvatures between the fins then cause a simultaneous high-pressure radial flow of target mass out into the wound channel.  The resultant bleeding and organ trauma from the enlarged fin lacerations is what causes game to go down and stay down when shot.

Expanding hollow point bullets are a "sometimes" thing.  The Devel bullet does not rely on bullet expansion for terminal incapacitation; rather, its hydrostatic Radially Dynamic™ patented design insures consistent terminal performance on game commensurate with good shot placement.

The adjacent load data is representative of the performance one can expect when using Devel New Technology™ Sabot/Bullets in advanced in-line muzzle loading rifles.
SAVAGE MODEL 10ML (Smokeless Powder Muzzleloader)
46 grains Alliant Reloader 7
Muzzle Velocity
2,300 f.p.s.
Muzzle Energy
2.050 ft. lbs.
Trajectory 100 yds.
0.00 inches
Trajectory 150 yds.
- 2.5 inches

120 grains FFFg black powder
Muzzle Velocity
1,914 f.p.s.
Muzzle Energy
1,533 ft. lbs.
Trajectory 100 yds.
0.00 inches
Trajectory 150 yds.
- 4.1 inches

120 grains Pyrodex "Select"
Muzzle Velocity
1,880 f.p.s.
Muzzle Energy
1,522 ft. lbs.
Trajectory 100 yds.
0.00 inches
Trajectory 150 yds.
- 4.2 inches
Q:    What is the Devel bullet's weight and sectional density?

Devel bullet weight - 175 grs.  /  Devel bullet sectional density - .122

Q:    Why are Devel New Technology Sabot/Bullets produced only in .45 caliber bullets with sabots for .50 caliber rifles?

A:    .50 caliber muzzleloading rifles account for better than 80% of the market.  Also, we have found that .45 caliber bullets combined with .50 caliber sabots produce better accuracy than .45 caliber bullets combined with .54 caliber sabots. 

Q:    Will new calibers be offered in the future?

A:    Leved Cartridge will offer a new .40 caliber bullet with a .45 caliber sabot for use in .45 caliber rifles as soon as we experience sufficient demand for same. 

Q:    Why are the .45 caliber bullets only 175 grains?

A:    We have done considerable testing for accuracy and optimal terminal performance on game targets.  We find a lighter, faster bullet to give better accuracy and superior terminal performance on game than a slower heavier bullet.  Reduced recoil and flatter trajectory also result with a faster, lighter projectile.

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